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In Search of Love
Paradise: In Search of Love
New Series!
June 2017
[cover: Band of Bachelors: JAKE2]
Band of Bachelors: JAKE2
Book 4
July 4, 2017
Bachelor SEAL
Sleeper SEALs
Book 1
October 31, 2017
New Hot Novellas
SEAL You in My Dreams
& Trident Legacy
Out Now!

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by my site today. I write books and short stories in contemporary military romance (the SEAL BrotherhoodTM series) and paranormal romance genres (the Golden Vampires of Tuscany and the Guardian Angel series). All of my books are available in ebook and print as well as audio. My audio books are "performed" rather than narrated, by my awesome friend and world-class narrator, J.D. Hart (you can learn more by checking out my Audio Books Page for your listening pleasure).

I write on the hot side, open door bedrooms, which is my own personal preference in reading. I like men to be men, and usually they are in charge. But the women in my stories possess that quiet strength to wait until the right time to rock these hero's worlds. And I believe in the transformational power of true love.: True Love Heals In The Gardens Of The Heart. Join me in exploring Northern California Wine Country, the villas of Italy and the countryside in Tuscany, Spain, Morocco, The Canary Islands, Brazil and the Caribbean.

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I'm glad you're here to help me enjoy the fantasy!

—Sharon Hamilton love

My 2017 Focus

  1. I write every day because it is my life.
  2. I'd rather be in a book or story than anywhere else. It is my reality.
  3. Concentrate on creativity and the flow will come.
  4. Expect to be amazed, not understanding everything. Amazed, like a child.
  5. Be a well-used character in my own life like a favorite toy and much-loved soul.
  6. Pointy people grind the rough edges off me and make me shine.
  7. Circumstances REVEAL a person, they don't make a person.
  8. Getting up and getting started now is the most important attitude to have.
  9. Learn from everyone, everything. Seek lessons like jewels.
  10. Show gratitude, grace and humor more than anger, frustration or hurt.
  11. Be loveable more than right.
  12. Understand but keep to my side of the fence.
  13. Have compassion but be strong enough to tell the truth.
  14. Feel the healing power of love.
  15. Take more chances, feel deeper, understand the strength to let go when needed.
  16. I can't fix anybody. ANYbody.
  17. Walk with other warm hearts and bright spirits. Close my doors and windows to negativity.
  18. Notice, nurture, never forget.
  19. Lead with love and kindness.
  20. Hug the little girl inside me every day.

Copyright © 2017 Sharon Hamilton, author

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